Novasina SAL-T Humidity Standards

Humidity standards are used for verification and calibration of water activity meters. Our SAL-T humidity standards are about over-saturated salt solution according (Greenspan report, 1977). Although a defined air humidity is created over the surface of those standards which can be used for verification or calibration of a water activity sensor. The unique design of the salt standard allows re-use over a period of 3-5years (field experience) or even longer, depending on handling. This fact brings maintenance costs of a Novasina water activity meter to low levels.


  • Re-usable for low cost of maintenance
  • Safe design, avoids contact with liquid or salt
  • Various humidity standards for specific measurement ranges
  • Easy, optical control by user to verify salt standard status


Marka Novasina
Model LabMaster-aw
Sipariş No NOV01011101


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